Dangerous Crossing

Pedestrian access to Rosemount Shopping Centre at the Supervalu end  is badly obstructed  by a fence and parked cars – both in the car park and VERY frequently on the double yellow lines along Orchardstown Avenue to the extent that the safety of local residents crossing the road is at risk.  Pedestrians, especially those with buggies, the elderly and wheelchair users do not have a clear, safe and convenient place to cross Orchardstown Avenue. 


South Dublin County Council’s Transportation Strategy states that ‘footpaths should facilitate safe, easy and direct access to services’ but this route to the Community Centre, Ballyroan Library, church and shops is exactly the opposite.  It is a prime example of the lack of joined up thinking that costs us more money in the end.


There is a simple and relatively cheap solution to fix this obstacle course; I have collected signatures of local residents and passed these onto the Traffic Management committee requesting that they provide a pedestrian crossing (without lights) to allow a straight way across the road with good visibility. 

Other traffic management issues in the area include difficulty driving into the Rosemount car park.  The tight turning space at the entrance in front of Supervalu and the fact that cars have to back out of those spaces exacerbates congestion which affects the traffic on Marian Road at busy times.  This could be allieviated by allowing cars to exit the car park onto Orchardstown Avenue (presently blocked by bollards) and/or widening the drive into the car park.

Residents on Anne Devlin Road & Drive have difficulties with people speeding along the road on the way to the Rathfarnham Parish NS on Washington Lane and I have requested traffic calming measures on this route.


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