Want everyone else to buy into environmentalism? Never say “Earth”


For over three decades, David Fenton has played an unusual role in the environmental movement: marketing it. The company he founded, Fenton Communications, has worked with everyone from Nelson Mandela to MoveOn.org. It recently managed an anti-fracking campaign for Yoko Ono (fracking, it promised, would ruin New York’s groundwater, and therefore its bagels and pizza).

David FentonDavid Fenton.

To many environmentalists, what Fenton does — with all the celebrity chefs and celebrities, period — is … a little bit simplistic. To his opponents, he’s the Great Satan. If you find an article about him online, it’s probably a hit piece.

“People working in the nonprofit world sometimes have trouble adopting a marketing mindset,” Fenton Communications wrote in a 2009 report.  “But in the end, the goal is for people to ‘buy’ our ideas — ideas for a better world.”

Fenton recently talked with me over the phone…

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Good News on Orchardstown Ave Crossing

I have received this reply to my submission on the need for a clear, convenient and safe crossing across Orchardstown Avenue to Rosemount SC

I hope that this is good news AND that I can get on to the council to keep things moving.

Attention of Suzanne McEneaney

I refer to previous correspondence and petition from residents regarding traffic issues at Rosemount Shopping Centre. The Senior Executive Engineer, Traffic Section has reported that a motion was brought to the Rathfarnham Area Committee on Tuesday 11th March 2014, in relation to the issues of pedestrians crossing Orchardstown Avenue. Following discussion, a detailed proposal in relation to providing pedestrians with a suitable location to cross the road will now be prepared. When this design is complete it will be discussed by the Members of the Rathfarnham Area Committee.