Letter re Trees in Washington Park

3 April 2014

SEO Parks Superintendent
Public Realm
South Dublin County Council
County Hall

Dear Mr Kearney

Residents in the Rathfarnham area have asked me to bring problems with trees to your attention.

There is strong feeling among those living on Washington Park that the trees have become too tall and are interfering with the wires.

Mrs XX* at XX Marian Crescent has a large tree outside and it overshadows her house, she is worried about it in the wind and she can’t cope with the leaves. This tree is growing either side of the wires and I wonder could it be well pruned to ease her worries

There is a very large tree at the junction of Knocklyon Drive and Ballyroan Road, this makes the path very dark in the evenings.

I realise you have a massive programme of tree maintenance but could these trees be given priority in the Autumn as the elderly residents feel uneasy about them.

Yours sincerely

Suzanne McEneaney

*Name and house number redacted for confidentiality


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