Dodder Day Launch

This is a short video made by the Irish Times of the Mayor of Dublin City at the launch of Dodder Day 2014. If you are VERY eagle-eyed you might spot me in the background (actually doing some work).

I have been involved in Dodder Action since its beginning when Kevin Dennehy of Dublin South (as it was then) Green Party started organising clean ups in different places along the Dodder and liaising with the Councils to get the rubbish removed. I am so pleased that John Lacy and Victoria White (both Green Party members) along with Dave Docherty and the other volunteers have grown the group and managed to get such fantastic coverage and co-operation. As the Mayor says here we now need to get the Dodder Greenway started – and finished. Dodder Action will be moving onto more strategic work after the fun (and hard work) of Dodder Day is done on Saturday 12th April. I’ll be at Firhouse Weir at 11am, pick a place and time that suits you – details available on the website and facebook pages below.

Website: facebook: Dodder Action


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