Letter re Crossing for 15B bus at Ballyroan Road

Suzanne McEneaney header

15 April 2014

Roads Department
South Dublin County Council
County Hall

Dear Ms Leonard

Residents in the Ballyroan Road area have asked me to raise the issue of the lack of a crossing to the 15B bus stop (no. 1140) on the Firhouse Road (R114) near the junction with Butterfield Avenue . The existing pelican crossings on Butterfield Avenue and Old Bridge Road do not connect with a reasonable route for pedestrians from Ballyroan Road or Woodbrook Park, elderly people cannot and young people and those with young families are not willing to add extra distance onto their walk to the bus. People will be discouraged from using public transport when the access to it is inconvenient. This is an extremely busy road and it is dangerous for the many elderly local residents and even more agile younger people to try to cross it unaided.

The crossroads is a very active junction already controlled by sets of lights, placing a pedestrian crossing close to the position of the bus stop would not impede the flow of traffic as it could be co-ordinated with the existing lights or be a zebra crossing without lights.

Given the Transportation Strategy (2.2.3 – p128) in South Dublin’s Development Plan to “promote and develop cycling and pedestrian facilities as well as road safety measures” I cannot understand why such a crossing was not part of the plans in the recent upgrading of the junction. I ask therefore, on behalf of the residents, that providing this crossing be now made a priority.

Yours sincerely

Suzanne McEneaney


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