A last word before you vote

  • I am a new candidate who has been working for years in local groups like Dodder Action improving our green spaces.
  • I am a learning support teacher who sees every day the importance of disability services. 
  • I will work to create jobs in the green energy sector by using our green waste to create energy instead of having to pay to dump it.
  • I will work for more, and more flexible housing in South Dublin
  • I will push for more transparency in council business by publishing relevant documents.
  • The Green Party does not accept business donations, we were praised by the Mahon Tribunal for exposing corruption.
  • Our manifesto includes the introduction of a ‘Voters’ List’ system where a each candidate has one page in a booklet which is published centrally and sent to all voters.  This eliminates the waste of money on leaflets and self publicity.
  • I favour posters being put up ONLY on designated billboards, in village and town centres and major junctions.  Current regulations are being ignored by sitting councillors.
  • Water charges should be targeted at WASTE of water, every person should have a free allowance, the standing charge should be covered by the site valuation tax.
  • The property tax should be replaced by a site valuation tax – property taxes are currently rising steeply in South Dublin but services are not increasing and people’s pay packets are certainly no fatter.
  • Our current bin system is crazy, we have 6 or even 9 different trucks going down small suburban streets to pick up maybe 2 bins at a time.  Competition needs to be arranged in a different way.

Dublin Bus

Do you think we need a bus service between Knocklyon & Rathfarnham and UCD?  Step 1: email Dublin Bus and tell them so: info@dublinbus.ie


I received this reply from the Ringsend Depot on May 15 2014, its going to take some more petitioning I feel – –  so get adding your comments at Customer.comment@dublinbus.ie

Dear Ms McEneaney,

I refer to your email regarding your representations on behalf of the residents of the Butterfield Avenue area of Rathfarnham. On behalf of Dublin Bus I would like to apologise for any dissatisfaction you have experienced with our service.

The number 15b schedule is currently under review with particular emphasis being placed on both the Stockington Avenue and Grand Canal dock terminuses. Issues such as the one raised in respect of the residents of Butterfield avenue in your email are taken on board as part of the wider review process by both the operations manager and the scheduler here in Ringsend garage.

Tree Roots

A few residents are worried about damage from tree roots to their foundations or drains. From my research on line and with horticulturally minded people I have found that the roots of most trees do grow longer than their branches, mature Sycamores roots can be 50 – 70ft long but at that length they are not ‘aggresssive’ roots. So you are safe from trees at the back of your house if the branches are not over hanging it.

DSC_0469  Tree roots will not usually be able to damage drains or properly laid foundations but if there is already a hole in the drain they will pop straight in there and suck up the moisture, growing the full length of the drain if left to it!

Can you spot what the tree is doing here?


It seems that only the trunk of a tree, and those roots directly coming out of the trunk, growing right next to a wall are strong enough to damage it, that is the problem we are  having with Cherry Trees lifting the pavements in South Dublin.



I also learnt that in the south of England trees roots can absorb all the available moisture in summer making the earth shrink and possibly causing movement of building walls but (unfortunately?) we do not face that problem here as it is never dry enough!

More trouble is caused by the branches of a tree, but that would take up another whole website!  This is the most thorough article I found online:


I have spoken to the road engineer for the Spawell Roundabout this afternoon. He informed me that the new roundabout junction layout was put in place to regularise the existing one lane format at the same time as protecting cyclists from cars squeezing into two lanes and not giving them enough room. The original plan was to have the cycle lane completely off the road but local residents did not want to loose the trees that would entail. All new road layouts have a three month study period in which to review the knock-on effects and so that period is now coming to an end The traffic section have decided to put an official two lane junction at the roundabout and to put the cycle lane onto the verge for the section of the road coming up to the Spawell complex and onto the roundabout. This compromise should save trees, give enough room for cars to reduce congestion and keep cyclists safe.

It is interesting that at least one sitting councillor is claiming that she has fixed the problem – without admitting that they allowed the problem to happen in the first place. The traffic section of the council say that it was always under review.

Letter re Cancellation of Clean-up of Idrone Estate

4 May 2014

XX Idrone XX
Dublin 16

Dear Ms XXX*

I have submitted the following query about the cancellation of your recent clean-up

As the Green Party area representative for the Templeogue-Terenure area I have been informed that a recent clean-up in the Idrone area of Knocklyon had to be cancelled because the council did not respond with information about bags and pickers as well as the collection of the bags etc. I am very surprised to hear this as the council has a policy of supporting such local initiatives, would you have any information about what happened in this case?

Knocklyon is a lovely area with many younger families moving in and it is important for such community events to build up a spirit of co-operation and respect for their environment among the younger members of the community as well as to give a hand to the more elderly members who perhaps cannot manage to keep on top of the growth of hedges etc as they once could. So can you please commit to providing materials for the next clean-up that is organised?

I think that a Tidy Towns group could help recruit people for clean ups and get support from the council, I will be pursuing this possibility (regardless of the outcome of the election!)

Yours sincerely
Suzanne McEneaney

*Name & Address redacted for privacy

Letter re Scrambler Bikes in Idrone Estate

4 May 2014

Dear Mr XXX*

I have submitted a request for barriers for the laneways in and out of Idrone as follows;

 Dear Sir/Madam

As the Green Party area representative for the Templeogue-Terenure area I have received a number of complaints about the laneways into and out of the Idrone estate. Many of them have over grown shrubbery but the most serious complaint is that people have started using scrambler bikes through these lanes which is extremely dangerous and the residents require the installation of barriers to prevent a terrible accident.

This will probably require further survey work etc and I will keep pushing it. Many residents mentioned the general need to spruce up the laneways and I think that a Tidy Towns group might be the way to build on the existing community spirit and get support from the county council. I have also written to the Social Credits section of the council to see why they did not support the local clean up that was organised.

Yours sincerely
Suzanne McEneaney

*Name redacted for privacy

Cycle and Pedestrian Route from Tallaght to Ballyboden


Please see attached link to Dec 2012 Council Meeting which contains the Part 8 report and Scheme Drawings for the overall project to deliver a walking and cycling route from Tallaght to Ballyboden (as approved at council meeting)


The section – Headed Item H-I (9) PART 8 REPORT ON WALKING AND CYCLING ROUTE FROM TALLAGHT TO BALLYBODEN has the links to all of the relevant documentation

 Work has recently commenced on the Firhouse section of this route within the Dodder Valley Park including a new bride across the river dodder – this section of the route is mainly covered on drawings 225, 226 and 227.