Letter re Scrambler Bikes in Idrone Estate

4 May 2014

Dear Mr XXX*

I have submitted a request for barriers for the laneways in and out of Idrone as follows;

 Dear Sir/Madam

As the Green Party area representative for the Templeogue-Terenure area I have received a number of complaints about the laneways into and out of the Idrone estate. Many of them have over grown shrubbery but the most serious complaint is that people have started using scrambler bikes through these lanes which is extremely dangerous and the residents require the installation of barriers to prevent a terrible accident.

This will probably require further survey work etc and I will keep pushing it. Many residents mentioned the general need to spruce up the laneways and I think that a Tidy Towns group might be the way to build on the existing community spirit and get support from the county council. I have also written to the Social Credits section of the council to see why they did not support the local clean up that was organised.

Yours sincerely
Suzanne McEneaney

*Name redacted for privacy


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