I have spoken to the road engineer for the Spawell Roundabout this afternoon. He informed me that the new roundabout junction layout was put in place to regularise the existing one lane format at the same time as protecting cyclists from cars squeezing into two lanes and not giving them enough room. The original plan was to have the cycle lane completely off the road but local residents did not want to loose the trees that would entail. All new road layouts have a three month study period in which to review the knock-on effects and so that period is now coming to an end The traffic section have decided to put an official two lane junction at the roundabout and to put the cycle lane onto the verge for the section of the road coming up to the Spawell complex and onto the roundabout. This compromise should save trees, give enough room for cars to reduce congestion and keep cyclists safe.

It is interesting that at least one sitting councillor is claiming that she has fixed the problem – without admitting that they allowed the problem to happen in the first place. The traffic section of the council say that it was always under review.



  1. Thanks for the update. This is such a major pain in the butt for us. We travel this route to and from town every day and when we say the works starting, we thought they were going to widen the road (which it really needed), instead they narrowed it. It’s not uncommon in the evenings to find tail back well past St MacDara’s school. Absolute disaster all round. Now the council will have to waste more time and money fixing something that should never have been broken in the first place. Sigh.

    • Who are the local residents that complained about losing trees? There isn’t one house facing the road down as far as Willington, and an off-road cycle lane would have helped cyclist, motorist (who are frustrated with cyclists) and pedestrians (who have to handle bikes trying to figure out where the cycle path has gone). Nonsense of an excuse to narrow the lanes – a flyover for the N81 would resolve the congestion as far back as Templeogue Village…

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