Dublin Bus

Do you think we need a bus service between Knocklyon & Rathfarnham and UCD?  Step 1: email Dublin Bus and tell them so: info@dublinbus.ie


I received this reply from the Ringsend Depot on May 15 2014, its going to take some more petitioning I feel – –  so get adding your comments at Customer.comment@dublinbus.ie

Dear Ms McEneaney,

I refer to your email regarding your representations on behalf of the residents of the Butterfield Avenue area of Rathfarnham. On behalf of Dublin Bus I would like to apologise for any dissatisfaction you have experienced with our service.

The number 15b schedule is currently under review with particular emphasis being placed on both the Stockington Avenue and Grand Canal dock terminuses. Issues such as the one raised in respect of the residents of Butterfield avenue in your email are taken on board as part of the wider review process by both the operations manager and the scheduler here in Ringsend garage.



  1. Or how about giving Firhouse a decent bus service to the city centre. It’s practically 3rd world at the moment. A bus an hour on Sundays… What’s worse the route is completely circuitous. I’m on the bus 10 mins and am further away from town than when I got on… needs an express service in the morning. I can drive to work in 20 mins but it takes over an hour on the bus….

  2. A decent service for Firhouse is also on my agenda, along with better use of smaller buses on feeder routes, the T03 used to go straight to Tallaght from Firhouse in 15 mins, now takes 45 so isn’t an attractive option!

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