A last word before you vote

  • I am a new candidate who has been working for years in local groups like Dodder Action improving our green spaces.
  • I am a learning support teacher who sees every day the importance of disability services. 
  • I will work to create jobs in the green energy sector by using our green waste to create energy instead of having to pay to dump it.
  • I will work for more, and more flexible housing in South Dublin
  • I will push for more transparency in council business by publishing relevant documents.
  • The Green Party does not accept business donations, we were praised by the Mahon Tribunal for exposing corruption.
  • Our manifesto includes the introduction of a ‘Voters’ List’ system where a each candidate has one page in a booklet which is published centrally and sent to all voters.  This eliminates the waste of money on leaflets and self publicity.
  • I favour posters being put up ONLY on designated billboards, in village and town centres and major junctions.  Current regulations are being ignored by sitting councillors.
  • Water charges should be targeted at WASTE of water, every person should have a free allowance, the standing charge should be covered by the site valuation tax.
  • The property tax should be replaced by a site valuation tax – property taxes are currently rising steeply in South Dublin but services are not increasing and people’s pay packets are certainly no fatter.
  • Our current bin system is crazy, we have 6 or even 9 different trucks going down small suburban streets to pick up maybe 2 bins at a time.  Competition needs to be arranged in a different way.

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