is the Green Party general election candidate for Kildare South, a Learning Support teacher, mother of two teenage boys.

She is campaigning for

Community Energy Projects as there is not much point in replacing ‘Big Oil’ with ‘Big Wind’ or ‘Big Solar’. Ireland spends an average of over €17m every single day importing foreign fossil fuels. By making an energy transition that will create investment, quality jobs and opportunities for farm diversification.”

Equality in Education – for all our children.  Resource allocation should be based on the student’s needs and not on whether their disability is high incidence or low incidence.

Housing – NAMA has the resources to end the current housing crisis.  The Green Party made sure that a social and community mandate was included in NAMA’s terms of reference, this is now being ignored.  Many of struggle to make ends meet and it can be hard to see how to tackle homelessness as well but as one of the most basic of human rights we can and need to eliminate it.

Transparency in politics, planning and effective financial regulation.  The lack  of these three things over a decade caused the last property bubble and made our financial crash worse.  The Green Party insisted on the first financial regulator who wasn’t a party hack, in Matthew Elderfield, we put an end to corrupt re-zonings with the Planning Act and outlined stricter limits for political donations which have now been put into place.


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