Planning – a move?

Prime Time has shown that you can’t rely on the traditional parties to understand the basics of planning – at least not when there is a wad of cash in it for them.ghost estates campaignThis Examiner article by Victoria White shows the reaction when John Gormley put a stop to crazy rezoning in Monaghan,

“Newly appointed Green Party environment minister John Gormley caused a storm by intervening with the limited powers he had under the 2000 Planning Act to stem excessive rezoning in Mayo and Monaghan. “They went buckin’ mad” as one former councillor told me. Hugh McElvaney complained to Prime Time: “He’s only in a wet week and he came in and robbed us.” Gormley is, explains McElvaney, “anti-development” whereas he is, “pro-development, irrespective of where it is”. The comment makes a good case for Gormley’s 2010 Planning Act stating that planning decisions must be consistent with the Government’s spatial strategy.”

A little reminder but don’t watch too much  – bad for your blood pressure.


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