Don’t Just March, Join.

I have been avoiding as much trump (refusing to capitalise) related material as possible, including those campaigns that are trying to galvanise opposition to the new presidency.  Sorry, I am just not ready.


THIS article by Micah White on where to go, what to do with the anger and protest is spot on.

Marching is not enough and will not change anything unless and until it is backed up with strategic campaigning.

That means:

Join a political party.  I say join the Green Party  because it is the only one which is explicitly not funded by corporations or any other large bodies (i.e. unions) and retains policy independence.  It remains the only party to really understand the ecological crisis – and that the environment includes taxation policy although others do give lip service and some are genuinely well-meaning.  If, for some reason, you don’t want that then any party that has a policy platform that is based on inclusion and equity would do.   Canvass, promote, fundraise, give backroom (admin etc) support or even run for election.   It’s time we got real about politics ‘they’ will continue to be ‘all the same’ until we, in all our diversity, get involved.

But if you don’t want to have to make the compromises necessary in the party political world then join a campaign group.  You won’t make the same amount of progress; compromises will still have to be made but you won’t have to take responsibility for them.

Talk about issues with ‘real people’ but have somewhere for them to go, a policy proposal, a green paper, a research document.

Be educated and be active.


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