Letter re Cancellation of Clean-up of Idrone Estate

4 May 2014

XX Idrone XX
Dublin 16

Dear Ms XXX*

I have submitted the following query about the cancellation of your recent clean-up

As the Green Party area representative for the Templeogue-Terenure area I have been informed that a recent clean-up in the Idrone area of Knocklyon had to be cancelled because the council did not respond with information about bags and pickers as well as the collection of the bags etc. I am very surprised to hear this as the council has a policy of supporting such local initiatives, would you have any information about what happened in this case?

Knocklyon is a lovely area with many younger families moving in and it is important for such community events to build up a spirit of co-operation and respect for their environment among the younger members of the community as well as to give a hand to the more elderly members who perhaps cannot manage to keep on top of the growth of hedges etc as they once could. So can you please commit to providing materials for the next clean-up that is organised?

I think that a Tidy Towns group could help recruit people for clean ups and get support from the council, I will be pursuing this possibility (regardless of the outcome of the election!)

Yours sincerely
Suzanne McEneaney

*Name & Address redacted for privacy

Broken Path near Ballyroan Church – To be Fixed 25/04/14

Dear Roads Inspector

I am writing on behalf of Mrs XX  who fell and was badly bruised on her shins and thigh when falling outside Ballyroan Church where the path is severely cracked. This accident required a hospital visit and badly shook up Mrs XX who is a senior citizen. I realise that there is a huge list of path works to be done but since this is a busy local amenity used by many of our elderly residents I ask that this area be prioritised.

Yours Suzanne McEneaney

UPDATE: Location inspected and repairs commencing tomorrow 25/4/2014 at the location listed under a refurbishment scheme.

Work has begun on replacing the badly cracked path.
Work has begun on replacing the badly cracked path.


Paths between Coolamber Park and National School

18 April 2014


Parks Superintendent
County Hall
Dublin 24

Dear Mr Kearney

Residents in Coolamber Park have asked me to report that the paths from Coolamber over to the National School are in a bad state and hard to negotiate as well as becoming flooded in parts when it rains. Are these paths due for remedial work? If not can they be scheduled for improvement as soon as possible in keeping with South Dublin’s development plan’s Transportation Strategy (2.2.3 – p128) to promote and develop cycling and pedestrian facilities as well as road safety measures which states that ‘footpaths should facilitate safe, easy and direct access to services’.

Yours sincerely

Suzanne McEneaney

Letter re Crossing for 15B bus at Ballyroan Road

Suzanne McEneaney header

15 April 2014

Roads Department
South Dublin County Council
County Hall

Dear Ms Leonard

Residents in the Ballyroan Road area have asked me to raise the issue of the lack of a crossing to the 15B bus stop (no. 1140) on the Firhouse Road (R114) near the junction with Butterfield Avenue . The existing pelican crossings on Butterfield Avenue and Old Bridge Road do not connect with a reasonable route for pedestrians from Ballyroan Road or Woodbrook Park, elderly people cannot and young people and those with young families are not willing to add extra distance onto their walk to the bus. People will be discouraged from using public transport when the access to it is inconvenient. This is an extremely busy road and it is dangerous for the many elderly local residents and even more agile younger people to try to cross it unaided.

The crossroads is a very active junction already controlled by sets of lights, placing a pedestrian crossing close to the position of the bus stop would not impede the flow of traffic as it could be co-ordinated with the existing lights or be a zebra crossing without lights.

Given the Transportation Strategy (2.2.3 – p128) in South Dublin’s Development Plan to “promote and develop cycling and pedestrian facilities as well as road safety measures” I cannot understand why such a crossing was not part of the plans in the recent upgrading of the junction. I ask therefore, on behalf of the residents, that providing this crossing be now made a priority.

Yours sincerely

Suzanne McEneaney

Local Obstacle Course

This is National Accessibility Week, being marked in South Dublin County Council by ‘A range of events’ (unfortunately the link to the brochure is not working and so I don’t have any further details).  Coincidentally residents in the Marian Road area have brought to my attention the  inaccessible state of their local shopping centre . . .

Rosemount Shopping Centre



As you can see there is no clear path to get to the shops from the lower direction of Marian Road or Orchardstown Avenue.  At busy times the  double yellow lines are regularly ignored which blocks the pathway even further.

The pavement outside Supervalu is quite crowded with a bicycle rack, shopping trolley park and a litter bin plonked right in the middle of the pavement!


This is an area with a high proportion of elderly residents, as well as families with young children in buggies who find these obstacles hard to manage but more urgently the road is not safe to cross.  What was originally a small suburban road is now being used by a large volume of traffic heading to the great new Ballyroan Library, and the Community Centre – a proper pedestrian crossing is needed – with a staggered barrier instead of a straight fence to allow safe access to the pavement.