Letter re Double Yellow Lines on Butterfield Avenue

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9 April 2014

Dear Butterfield Avenue Resident

Thank you for your time during my recent canvassing following your and several other residents’ comments about the parking issues on Butterfield Avenue I have been in touch with Also the Road Maintenance section of SDCC has informed me that the double yellow lines on Butterfield Avenue are due to be repainted this month. I will keep an eye on that.

Yours sincerely
Suzanne McEneaney

UPDATE- 17th April 2014DSC_0446

Delighted to see that the double yellows at the junction with Ballyroan and Old Bridge Road have indeed been painted.  Unfortunately the junction with Marian Road is still in need of touching up – and these houses suffer from vans parking ‘just for a minute’ to carry out deliveries to the Topaz garage.



Local Obstacle Course

This is National Accessibility Week, being marked in South Dublin County Council by ‘A range of events’ (unfortunately the link to the brochure is not working and so I don’t have any further details).  Coincidentally residents in the Marian Road area have brought to my attention the  inaccessible state of their local shopping centre . . .

Rosemount Shopping Centre



As you can see there is no clear path to get to the shops from the lower direction of Marian Road or Orchardstown Avenue.  At busy times the  double yellow lines are regularly ignored which blocks the pathway even further.

The pavement outside Supervalu is quite crowded with a bicycle rack, shopping trolley park and a litter bin plonked right in the middle of the pavement!


This is an area with a high proportion of elderly residents, as well as families with young children in buggies who find these obstacles hard to manage but more urgently the road is not safe to cross.  What was originally a small suburban road is now being used by a large volume of traffic heading to the great new Ballyroan Library, and the Community Centre – a proper pedestrian crossing is needed – with a staggered barrier instead of a straight fence to allow safe access to the pavement.