The Seanad Takeover Documentary

The Seanad Takeover Documentary

This is a good collection of information and arguments for a NO vote in the Seanad referendum.   The abolition of the Seanad is a lazy and populist move to avoid real reform and the chance to develop participative democracy.  Just how lazy is shown by the Taoiseach’s refusal to debate.

Well done to the Examiner for reporting this

New SIPO regulations will require the finances of branch organisations of political parties to be reported in greater detail.  Given the large amount of fundraising that goes on at local level and the possibility of corruption highlighted by the Mahon and Moriarty tribunals this is a necessary check.  FG & FF complaining that it places too much of a burden on their volunteers and head offices lets us know just how much money they have been collecting – and makes me think that some of that money should be spent on professional auditors rather than posters.